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IV Therapy

IV Therapy works by directly injecting the vitamins or drugs into the veins, and it allows quick absorption and is the fastest way to deliver medicine into the body. Although it’s the fastest way, the infusion administration is controlled.

IV Therapy helps you with:

  • Hangover Relief
  • Illness Recovery
  • Energy Boost
  • Vitamins Admission

At Rone Health, our IV infusion therapy is handled by our professionals to administer medications to help treat the patient’s mild to severe conditions.

Concierge Medicine.
This is Medicine Focused on You!

Rone Health is Personalized Integrative Concierge Medicine.

At Rone Health, we focus on your whole body. We work with Men & Women on overall health, anti-aging and hormones, weight management, hair, sexual health, optimal nutrition, and IV Vitamin Therapy.

We offer Personalized Elite Memberships that will focus on your body as a whole and help you reach your health goals.



What Our Clients Say

The Doctor at Rone Health took the time to work with me on a specific plan made just for me. She focused on my hormones, skin, and inability to lose weight. The incredible nutrition program she put together with her team has helped me lose over 25 pounds now!!

Katie R.

I tried Rone Health’s hair loss program as my last resort. I lost hair for 20+ years and had no idea what to expect. And let me just tell you, I have thicker, more luxurious hair and I highly recommend them!

Tim J.

Patricia at Rone Health is simply the best!! I had baby botox today, and I couldn’t even feel it. Her technique is fantastic!! I highly recommend her, and I can see a massive difference in my skin and wrinkles. Thank you, Thank you!

Sara K.

Rone Health helped me with my hormone replacement therapy. They carried the products in the office, and it was just so convenient! And I feel so great!!

Jerry F.